Welcome to AgeFIT Home's 8 Week Program - our strength and balance program especially for older adults.   

Our program is compiled by a functional aging exercise specialist, and is focused on helping you feel stronger, more mobile and balanced, and importantly, more confident.  We aim to do this so you can do the activities that enrich your life and, in some cases, with less pain.  We like to think of our routines as the building blocks that help you to live physically well in your senior years - helping you to do those activities you love.


When participating in our program, we provide you with 8 different video routines, and access to a weekly live-streamed class via our website (or our exclusive Facebook Subscribers Group).  We offer 3 different levels of program (Basic - Moderate - Challenging) so you can start with the one that best suits your capability.  Who knows, once your capability and confidence increases - you may be able to work through all 3 levels.   In our videos, we talk about (and demonstrate) exercise modifications so you can adjust what you do to allow for health related factors.


Please watch our short introductory video below.  In it you will meet Scott Falconer, your exercise coach, and he talks about some important health related information. 

Our routines are strength and balance exercises that are mainly low-impact and low-intensity. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions that may be exacerbated by participating in this type of exercise, we recommend you obtain clearance from your doctor, or other appropriate medical practitioner before starting.

We hope you enjoy! 

Click this button to begin our program.  We'll log you into our system, and ask you a few quick questions so we can recommend an appropriate starting point.  Enjoy!