For the past 7 years, we have been providing specific and very popular 'active aging' classes from our bricks and mortar exercise studio in Silverstream, Wellington, New Zealand.  

When Covid-19 happened, we wanted to explore ways that we could continue to provide the benefits of our classes to our members.  For many, the classes provided an essential element of their lives, and to be without the regular exercise routines tailored to their stage of life, was a dramatic blow.  


We started offering our video classes as an alternative.  The feedback from our community has been very positive.  We believe that there may be a number of other people in similar situations to our older members who will greatly benefit from having access to the videos. 

We are a husband and wife team, Scott and Danielle Falconer.  Scott is the certified functional aging specialist (Functional Aging Institute) with a degree from Massey University in Health & Sport Science.  He is the face of the videos.  Danielle comes from a corporate background.  We have two young children and a dog, who try as they might, are yet to show their faces on screen.

'We really hope that through these videos people, like many of our physical gym members, rediscover the joy of feeling stronger, fitter and more mobile irrespective of their age and stage'.

- Danielle & Scott Falconer

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