Is this program suitable for me if I am very unbalanced on my feet?

Absolutely. We have beginner to advanced levels of exercises and if you choose, you are able to complete all standing exercises while holding onto something to assist.


How long will it take me to improve my balance and mobility?

The more often you do an exercise routine the better. You will improve the more you practice, and the stronger you become.


Can I do these exercises if I have back, hip or knee pain?  Or, if I have arthritis?

Yes certainly, they may even help with pain. Often, being sedentary is far worse for your body than movement. Most exercises are gentle on the joints and we talk you through the correct technique to ensure you are not putting joints under excess strain.


What is the purpose of your exercise program?

All our exercise videos include functional aging exercises.  Our aim is to enable you live your life better each day by helping you to continue to enjoy your hobbies, get out and be social, play with the grandchildren, enjoy some gardening, and all of the other things we love to do!  

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