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MYTH: Resilience is having thick skin and just getting on with things.

Listen to our discussion with Kathryn Berkett, a leading NZ neuroscientist, where she talks about resilience - what it isn't, what it is, and how we can develop more of it.  Learn more about how seniors within our communities are in a unique position to help our younger generations become more resilient.  

Duration: Approx 45mins

MYTH: We need less sleep as we get older (and that glass of wine before bed really does help me sleep).

Hear Dr Rosemary Gibson, a leading sleep researcher at Massey University in Wellington, as she talks about the importance of sleep as a function of wellness as we grow older.  In a wide ranging discussion, Rosemary gives us her thoughts on sleep as a pillar of health, our need for sleep, common issues for people who care for others with dementia, the impacts of alcohol and coffee on our sleep, and sleep aids such magnesium and tart cherry etc.

Duration: Approx 38mins

More episodes coming soon...

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