Overnight, we received a truly remarkable story from a user Denise. And, with her consent we've decided to share it. Denise lives rurally here in NZ, and her story is best told in her own words:

I'm happy to share my story if that is helpful, because the five weeks that I've been following your programme are actually of life changing significance for me. Finding your programme has been the right thing at the right time. Hugely significant -
I have a couple of years to go before I turn 65 but I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis almost 30 years ago. The disease attacked by feet in particular and I’ve had five reconstructive foot surgeries over the past fifteen years. Even after all this intervention, I was left at a place where I fell over frequently. Often it would be some small imperfection on the ground – an insignificant pebble or bumping my foot against something solid, that would send me tumbling.
Fear of falling is a crippling thing. For many years I’ve walked with my eyes – checking every step before I take it – and still I’ve missed things sometimes and fallen. Walking down the main shopping street of our nearest town had become a sweat-inducing challenge – which is crazy for a 62-year-old!
When NZ went into level four lockdown in March and most outside commitments stopped, I suddenly had ‘free’ time and began focussed walking, with the intention of increasing fitness a bit. We live in an isolated rural area with no footpaths, so I began with a 20-minute low-confidence amble up our farm track. I left my walking poles behind because I wanted to begin to rely on my body again. It was tough going! But lockdown was long enough to establish the habit and gradually I increased the duration and range of my walk. I made a lot of progress and rejoiced in that but was still working at the edge of my balance capability.
A while later, a friend told me about the Nymbl programme for falls prevention, which I can only partly access because it is designed as a phone app and we have no mobile coverage where we live, but through their website I came across the AgeFit 8 week programme. And this has made such a difference!
I’ve completed five weeks of the programme, starting with the basic exercises for the first half week, then realised I could challenge myself a bit more and began the moderate one. I added in the livestream video accessed through your website, during the second week of the programme. I’ve been doing both videos almost every morning, straight after breakfast, before getting into any of the day’s commitments, and admit to feeling quite challenged for the first day or two of each new stage. However by half way through the week I can at least keep up, and begin to feel a bit more co-ordinated. And I still cannot balance on my left leg for any useful length of time, but by Thursday I’m ready for something new!
I want to say a sincere thank you to you, Scott and Danielle and the AgeFit system. The focussed strength and balance exercises have highlighted how much muscle strength I’ve lost through years of debilitation and long recovery periods following big foot surgeries. Already I’m walking more strongly and faster. The Nymbl system challenged me to take my eyes off the ground – which was a terrifying concept – but I’m making progress in that as I’m feeling the strength and co-ordination return. I can walk down the main street in a relatively relaxed headspace. This is huge!
Being able to access this system from home has been the breakthrough for me as we live an hour’s drive from our nearest town and have no resources locally. The videos are so much more inspiring than following printed exercise sheets – I’m enthusiastic about beginning them each day. And that must be the secret to sticking to a plan. I’m keen to move onto the advanced class once I’ve mastered the moderate one! And am really hoping there is ability to still access the livestreams once the 8-week programmes are up.
This is lifechanging. Thank you.'

Our thanks goes to Denise for sharing her story, and for having the courage to try something a bit different. Her growth in strength and confidence, which in turn enables her to do those things that enrich her life is what we are all about.

Bravo Denise!

Danielle & Scott


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