Every now and then we get to hear great stories from people who do our programs. Here's one from Ken, in Australia. He's been with us from the beginning of our online programs, and we find it heart warming to have helped him on his journey to being stronger, and more balanced.

Ken's journey with AgeFIT began when we offered our program free to seniors during our NZ lockdown, and Probus Australia picked it up. This was at the commencement of the Melbourne ”Lockdown” and as Ken could not travel beyond 5 KMs and outside exercises could only be a maximum of an hour, he thought he would give it a go.

Here's Ken's story.

"What I like about the AgeFIT video routines is that all exercises are explained before attempting them and as I had not exercised previously for along time, I found I could keep up and do further exercises in my own time without using the videos.
Because of doing the video routines I found I have better balance and strength to use in my day to day routines. I know I should not use ladders but I felt comfortable getting up and down and painting my roof eves. My flexibility has also improved dramatically and now can turn my body whilst driving.
I use the video routines for basic work each morning and extend the exercises to balances and legs twice a day."

Great work Ken. We really enjoy working with you. (Although, perhaps painting the eves is a bit worrying - stay safe out there!)

Nov 2020