We've invited a selection of experts to join us on our couch to discuss topics relating to health & wellness as we grow older.

We hope that by doing this we can challenge some of the myths around aging, and provide information that helps us all enjoy our lives; no matter our biological age.

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Scott & Danielle

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#Myth - Resilience is having thick skin and just getting on with things.

Episode: Resilience with Kathryn Berkett - Engage Training Join Danielle (Co-Founder of AgeFIT Home) as she talks to Kathryn Berkett (Engage Training), a leading NZ neuroscientist about resilience. In this episode Danielle and Kathryn talk about:

  • what resilience actually is and learning to better define it;

  • how we can build better resilience in ourselves; and

  • the unique position seniors within our community hold when it comes to helping our younger generations become more resilient.

Kathryn touches briefly on the situation where you as a grandparent may be faced with potential conflict with your children about your style of looking after the grandchildren and discusses why the feeling of ‘needing to fix situations’ can sometimes stand in the way of helping to build resilience.

For more information on Kathryn Berkett and what she does visit Kathryn has recently released a series of podcasts of with Pio called 'I've got questions...Pio' with Pio Terei which are available to listen directly from Kathryn's website. AgeFIT Home is an online strength and balance exercise program designed especially for seniors. You can learn more about it at

Use the table below to move to any part of the podcast that might be of interest to you: Timestamp | Description 3.11sec | Introduction + what exactly is a ‘neuroscientist’? 6.43sec | How do we define resilience? 8.40sec | Learning to hold emotion vs. bottling it up 10.34sec | Being okay with not being okay 11.52sec | Impacts of isolation during sensitive developmental periods 13.15sec | The importance of social connection in activating ‘calm’ 15.20sec | Sandpaper moments 17.06sec | Feeling better in our body and feeling better in our brain 20.01sec | Developing resilience: “multiple moments of tolerable stress in the presence of an attuned relationship” 21.27sec | The positive role of seniors in helping to build resilience in our young people today 27.35sec | Natural grandparenting vs. instructional grandparenting 30.12sec | Our need to fix everything 32.20sec | Creating a community of care 33.17sec | Dealing with conflict between grandparent and parent 35.44sec | Building multigenerational relationships 39.32sec | How Kathryn’s knowledge has changed how she does what she does