When we launched AgeFIT Home, we called on Scott's years of experience providing exercise to seniors in a gym setting and thought hard about what makes these simple yet challenging functional exercise routines so beneficial.

And, what we came up with is this simple phrase 'so you can'. So you can walk with more confidence, so you can do everyday things more easily, so you can do those activities that give your life meaning - gardening, getting out and into the community to be social, being strong and able enough to be independent, riding your bike, practising tai chi, yoga, pilates, playing golf and so on and so on.

Our functional exercises for seniors are not designed to be a replacement for those recreational activities we all enjoy. We think of them as building blocks to help us all gain and retain the strength, balance, and mobility which enable us to do them.

Put simply in this video below.


We have a selection of online exercise videos for seniors available on our website, along with one live-streamed class on Thursdays at 11am. For more information visit

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