We perform the action of sitting down and standing up a lot every day. It can become a difficult, and sometimes painful, action. But, for some learning a few tips can help. Many clients over the years have been amazed at the benefits a few mindful changes can bring.

Check out our technique tip about a way to sit down and stand up that can reduce the pressure on our joints. Never stop learning! Let us know if this helps you, and feel free to share the tip to friends and family.

(Please remember that if you have specific injuries or concerns, be guided by your own capability and the advice of your medical professionals. Our video is not intended to be specific medical advice).

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We aim to help seniors gain strength, mobility, better balance and confidence so they can do the things that bring meaning to their lives for longer.

Take care



Here at AgeFIT Home, we provide video routines and live-stream classes of strength and balance exercises specifically for seniors. Scott Falconer has a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Massey University and is a certified functional aging specialist. He has been providing functional aging classes for seniors for 7+ years. Our exercises are designed especially to be the building blocks you need So You Can do the things that give your life meaning, because you feel stronger, more mobile, more balanced and have more confidence. Our programs are approved by the Live Stronger For Longer initiative, backed by the NZ Govt. ACC and Ministry of Health.


The content of this article is the personal view of the author, and is not intended as medical advice. The author is not a licensed medical professional, and this article is not specific medical advice. We recommend that if you have a pre-existing condition, which may be affected by low impact exercise, we recommend you seek the advice of your doctor or specialist before commencing any of our exercise routines.